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Whoa baby! It’s happening! The shower scene is officially set up in the studio and I had SO much fun playing with it. This new add-on is available for EVERY Peach.

You’ve heard of it. You’ve probably thought about doing it. Then the nerves set in and you start finding every excuse possible. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count. Women talking themselves right out of one of the best experiences they can have for themselves. In fact, you may have seen these conversations go down in the Facebook group. If you have, then you have probably also seen some of my Peaches completely tear down those excuses.

Picture it. If you are reading this, then at some point you came across my work. More than likely it was in my super awesome Facebook Group. But maybe it was on Instagram. Maybe you found me on Google, or a friend of yours is a Peach. However you got here, chances are you did some slight stalking…don’t we all? You LOVED what you saw and the testimonies from other Peaches were speaking straight to your soul. You got SUPER excited about becoming a Peach yourself, reached out to me, received my booking info….and then you felt a pit in your stomach when you saw the investment.

ALWAYS fun & a little spicy. ON THE DAILY.
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