10 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session | Hampton Roads Boudoir

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10 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session | Hampton Roads Boudoir

10 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session | Hampton Roads Boudoir


February 12, 2019

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach

10 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session | Hampton Roads Boudoir

You’ve heard of it. You’ve probably thought about doing it. Then the nerves set in and you start finding every excuse possible. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count. Women talking themselves right out of one of the best experiences they can have for themselves. In fact, you may have seen these conversations go down in the Facebook group. If you have, then you have probably also seen some of my Peaches completely tear down those excuses. Because they are just that….excuses. So lets break this down. You’re here, you’re interested, and a little curious. Truthfully, every woman books her shoot for a different reason. Each woman has her own nerves, fears and insecurities to work past too. So lets dive right in to the top 10 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session.

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach


First and foremost, it is never a bad thing to document your growth as a woman. Ever. I’m getting us started with what may be deemed as the “cheesy” reason to do a boudoir shoot. Lets be real, the term empowered is being thrown around left and right. Makeup companies, clothing lines, hell even tampon ads are riding the female empowerment bandwagon right now. Not sure how tampons can leave one feeling empowered, but there ya go.

All of that pushed aside, feeling truly empowered is one of the best feelings in the world. When you knock out that to-do list. Or hit your fitness goals for the week (lets be real…or for a day). Or walk out of the salon hair did, nails did, everything did. You get what I’m saying. If that feeling could be bottled someone would be very rich.

On another note…

There’s this preconceived notion lingering over boudoir that women automatically think they need to be their best selves before they book. That’s a lot of fucking pressure. Why not just embrace yourself as you are? You aren’t an age. That number on the scale doesn’t define you. Keeping that perfect golden tan isn’t that important. And you are SO MUCH MORE than “just a mom.” Not only is boudoir an experience, but it’s also a tool.

It’s been proven session after session that becoming a Peach is a MAJOR confidence boost. With all of the daily hustle and bustle it’s easy to lose track of who you are. I’ve been there. We lose track of our sensuality and our powerfulness. Becoming a Peach brings that badass lady right back to the forefront. So go ahead and ditch that cheesy idea of empowerment that’s in your head. I promise you that the straight up BOSS mentality you’re walking out with is better than anything you can think up.

Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach


Remember how I said that you are NOT an age? One of the best ways to kick the mentality that getting older is bad is to prove to yourself that you are aging like a fine wine. Trust me, I’ll be able to show you that you are. Maybe this has been one of your best years yet. You know, the ones where everything just goes right. Becoming a Peach is the icing on top of that perfect birthday cake. Maybe this was one of your worst years. What better way to start fresh, than to see yourself in ways that you probably haven’t in a long time? Honestly, just making it through another year is reason to celebrate sometimes!

Perhaps its a certain special someone’s birthday. I can’t imagine a more perfect, completely unexpected gift than a luxury album filled with the most gorgeous photos of yourself. The texts I’ve received after those lucky significant others open their gifts are the best. Full disclosure, gifting the album is always only half the gift. The other half usually takes place later that night. 😂

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach


On the topic of special days…holidays are a great reason to do a boudoir session. Obviously by the time this blog post goes live, it’s a little too late for Valentine’s Day gifts. But plenty of Peaches book far in advance. I already have 4 sessions booked this fall just for Christmas gifts. I know it sounds crazy to talk about in February, but those Christmas deadlines get here faster and faster every year and spots get super limited.

If you’re single around the holidays don’t worry. When I’m holiday shopping for others I swear I add one thing to that Amazon or Target cart for me for every one thing I add for someone else. I know, it’s terrible. But I know I’m not alone. Treat yo self girl!

Trust me when I say you’ll have the hottest presents under the tree. Plus, booking far in advance gives you the best opportunity to take advantage of The Boudie Bank. You can read more about the Boudie Bank, Payment Plans and how that works by clicking here…The Boudie Bank.

Navy Norfolk Boudoir Photographer


It’s no secret that Virginia Beach is a big Navy town. So it should come as no surprise that a lot of Hampton Roads Boudoir sessions take place because a deployment is coming. I’ve been there. Parting from a loved one for a significant amount of time is HARD. Deployment or not. It can be tough keeping things passionate. I can’t think of a better way to keep the spark alive during that time than to send them off with some spicy photos!

I’ve had Peaches do this several ways. The Peachy Keepsake Box comes with a 4×6 print of every single one of your portraits. Some Peaches choose to send one 4×6 print a week to their significant other. I know…torture haha. The 3×3 mini album is also perfect travel size. Possibly the best option is the mobile app. That way every single photo is on their phone, but it’s in a separate app (not in your regular camera roll) AND it requires a password to open every single time!

Hampton Roads Bridal Boudoir Photographer


Thinking about the perfect way to celebrate your engagement? Why not surprise that lucky someone with the album of a lifetime? Sexy photos of you wearing next to nothing (or maybe nothing but that new engagement ring of yours!) are a great little reminder of just how smokin hot the bride to be is.

I have newly engaged ladies contact me all the time about getting a session booked to gift at the wedding as well. This definitely isn’t something you want to put off until the last second. Whether you decide to gift your boudoir photos the night before the wedding, the day of, or on your honeymoon, there really is no bad time to gift this!

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach


Maybe you’re celebrating year 1, maybe it’s year 10 or 20. Whatever it is, you two have been through all sorts of things in your time together. All the highs and lows have come full circle and you’re nearing that time of year where you get all gooey about one another and all of the lows seem kinda silly now. This year it’s going to be different. That’s right. You’re giving them the anniversary gift of their DREAMS. The one they will never see coming.

Fun fact…the traditional gift for your first wedding anniversary is paper. So for those ladies who maybe can’t make their boudoir session happen before the wedding, this is a great alternative. I mean…I can’t imagine a better way to gift a “piece of paper.”

White Lingerie | Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer

Just A Little Reminder

Most women think you need a reason to book a boudoir session. The next most common thought is that you need a significant other to gift it to you. While the reasons I already listed above are totally acceptable reasons to book your shoot, I’m here to tell you they are in fact NOT the only reasons. This is called the 10 Reasons To Do A Boudoir Session remember? T-E-N.

Surprise! About half of my clients are single! Being the boss ladies they are and just looking for a little confidence boost and an unforgettable experience. Getting glammed up and feeling like a celeb all day? Who would say no to that? I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is and how difficult it is to choose a favorite photo because you will love them all!

Thought you peaked when you were in your 20’s? I am here to show you just how wrong you are. We’re about to discover your new “peak” girl. Over the years I’ve shot women of ALL ages. I have shot some Peaches and then their moms. Sometimes I have shot the moms first and then the daughters. I know that seeing is believing. Trust me when I say you’re walking away feeling like a million bucks. This is your little reminder of how sexy you are, you never lost it girl.

Hampton Roads Boudoir Studio | Be A Peach

Had A Baby

I know what you’re thinking. That there’s no way a woman who just had a baby wants to do a boudoir session. I’m here to tell you JUST how wrong you are. I have done boudoir sessions for women who are only 3-4 months postpartum. Your body just built a human. That’s some amazing shit! I love being able to show women that they are just as sexy post-baby as they were pre-baby. Different? Sure. Sexy? Duh!

On that same note, a lot of women choose to book their session 9-12 months in advance. Giving their bodies time to adjust. While also creating a date to keep themselves accountable. Am I saying that you need to lose weight for your session? HELL NO. In fact, I will preach to you until I’m blue in the face that you don’t have to lose a single pound. But I also live in the real world. Where I understand that you aren’t feeling like “yourself” after a pregnancy. I get it. I’ve been there. I’m saying that it’s totally fine to want to figure out your new normal!

Hampton Roads Boudoir Studio | Be A Peach

Time To Spice Things Up

If you have been with the same significant other for a while you know where I’m coming from on this one. Long-term relationships can be intimidating. Sometimes loving the same person means you get comfortable. You both fall into routines. Those ruts grow deep my friend. They can be hard to get out of. These routines don’t necessarily mean that things are bad or failing. It just means that doing something a little (or a lot) different could be helpful!

Thanks to that lovely Facebook group that y’all keep thriving, many women have found that they enjoy things they didn’t know they did before. Some women have seen the photos from shoots that involved a riding crop or teaser and purchased those things for themselves. Opening up a whole new world of spicy into their lives. Others have gone out and gotten nipple piercings because they saw how awesome they were on other Peaches. You just never know what a little boudoir in your life is gonna bring!

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach


So the last reason isn’t a fun one. I admit it. But lets be real (am I ever anything else!?), breakups, divorce, ghosting. It happens to the best of us. We’ve all been there. Have your pity party and then pick yourself back up girl! At the end of the day, shit happens and life is going to keep chugging along. Honestly, it’ll feel like the end of the world for a while. After that I’m here for ya. Whether your boss attitude is already back in full swing and you want to celebrate your new found liberation, or you just need that little reminder of what a total knockout you are.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph women after they have gotten out of some TERRIBLE situations. Women who expressed to that significant other their desire to become a Peach. Only to be told they couldn’t, that they didn’t look like that. What total bullshit! Needless to say, we have proved that wrong every single time it’s happened. It has to be hands down one of my favorite parts of this “job.”

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