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How To Afford Your Boudoir Session | Boudoir

How To Afford Your Boudoir Session | Boudoir


November 7, 2018

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photography | How To Afford Your Boudoir Session | Be A Peach Boudoir

Paying For Your Boudoir Session – Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

Picture it. If you are reading this, then at some point you came across my work. More than likely it was in my super awesome Facebook Group. But maybe it was on Instagram. Maybe you found me on Google, or a friend of yours is a Peach. However you got here, chances are you did some slight stalking…don’t we all? You LOVED what you saw and the testimonies from other Peaches were speaking straight to your soul. You got SUPER excited about becoming a Peach yourself, reached out to me, received my booking info….and then you felt a pit in your stomach when you saw the investment. Have no fear! The Queen Peach is here to save the day. Most women don’t even realize I HAVE payment plans. I’ve decided it’s time to break things down nice and easy. I’m here to tell you How To Afford Your Boudoir Session.

Let me start by saying you are not alone. Every Peach has faced this. And every Peach you see has chosen to make this investment in herself. If you are anything like me, “treat yo self” is hard. Treating yourself or spending money on anything outside of NEEDS is not so easy. The only free pass is that damn $1-$5 aisle at Target. And let’s be real, even that starts to bring on the guilt as it piles up in the cart. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to do things for OURSELVES.

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach Boudoir

Pre-Payment Plans: The Boudie Bank

Lets start with the easiest option ever. The Boudie Bank. When it comes to How To Afford Your Boudoir Session, this is the FIRST place you want to start! The Boudie Bank allows you to make payments on YOUR terms. How much each payment is, and how often you have to pay it. You set the rules. Once you choose your date, I’ll answer any and all questions you have about planning your Order. From there, I can set up “invoices” for you. I use the word invoices loosely because that just sounds so official. The invoices go out however often you’d like. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever! But there are no late fees or anything like that. The invoices simply act as reminders. Helping you to split up the payments.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I will totally blank on things if I don’t get reminders. That’s what these invoices are for you. All of that said, they are completely flexible. So if one week you can’t make the payment….no biggie. You can catch up on the next one! They go out automatically and you end up having everything paid in full prior to your shoot. Best part? Pre-paying for your Order gives you FREEBIES too! The Freebies you have to choose from are great. You can add the shower or neon scene, add extra album images, add the Mobile app. Lots of choices!

San Diego Boudoir Photographer | How To Afford Your Boudoir Session | Be A Peach Boudoir

How About An Example?

I’m terrible at math, but I’m going to try to break this down and make it easy =]

You book a session 9 months from now. You know that you want all of your digital images. If I’m being honest, it is damn near impossible to part with ANY of them! Which is why nearly every Peach ends up with all of her digitals. In 9 months you’ll have around 36 weeks to play around with. Which breaks down to roughly $111/week. Most of the time, this is much more feasible than paying in full.

Plus, by getting all of your digital images, you’ll qualify for TWO Freebie Bonuses! I think we can all agree that Free is Great!

Other Options

So that’s it! Now you know How To Afford Your Boudoir Session! There are two other options that I always tell my Peaches about. One being PayPal Credit. Taking advantage of this means you pay me in full, then you have 0% interest for 6 months. It’s a great option if your shoot needs to be sooner, but you still prefer to stretch out the payments. PayPal Credit is awesome, I actually use it myself ALL the time. The 6 months 0% interest is revolving. With credit cards, that intro 0% interest is usually for the first 3-6 months that you have the card. But with PayPal credit, even 2 years from now if you make a purchase you’ll get 0% interest on it. It’s great!

There are also tons of card options out there. Citi has a few cards that do 18-21 months of 0% interest. That REALLY stretches out your payments and makes them smaller. Again, I can personally vouch for this as well. I’ve used this method for a handful of large purchases.

Hampton Roads Boudoir Photography | Be A Peach Boudoir

Now that you’ve learned all about how to afford your boudoir session, what’s holding you back? I currently have dates open through the fall, giving you plenty of time to Pre-Pay and get yourself some Freebies lined up! Click the link below to reach out and I’ll send you my full Peachy Pricing Guide. That will breakdown the pricing of everything, and you can see all of your Freebie options!

Let’s Get YOUR Boudie Bank Started!

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  1. Christina N. Ferguson says:

    I am already planning on how to become a peach!!! This has to happen!!

  2. Virginia says:

    Nice to know about payment options 🙂

  3. Denean says:

    Option 5…. put it on your man’s card 💁🏻‍♀️ That’s what I’m about to do… then once he sees the pics he will forget all about it 🙂
    *Disclaimer: I used the payment plans for my first time as a peach and he LOVES that book which boosted my confidence EVEN MORE than Clara already had. It’s not my fault I’m a repeat peach, so I think he will be okay… 🙃

  4. Jennifer Hartman says:

    This is a great way to be able to afford to do this. I didn’t know you offered these payment plan options. Definitely looking forward to booking with you in the future.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Love this breakdown and payment options you offer!

  6. Jennifer Gagnier says:

    Next time I will take advantage of the boudie bank. You have amazing options!!

  7. Brooke N King says:

    I love the different options to be able to afford.

  8. Heather Sterling says:

    You make it so easy to afford and with many options that most do not. I hope to set a date soon, but I’m also at looking to buy a house. Hopefully I can get them both next year!

  9. Christina says:

    Stashing away cash is literally the only way! Im going to want to buy a little bit of everything, but between buying a house, paying for a wedding, back in school, and 2 kids there is absolutely no way I could just drop that kind of money and feel good about it. $50 a week in my savings account and we should be good to go come end of January!

  10. Danielle Lloyd says:

    Love the different options of how to afford! When I am finally out of school I will be in contact 😉

  11. Sam says:

    Thank you for offering so many wonderful options .
    I will definitely take advantage of the booty bank on my next shoot!

  12. Kari Maul says:

    How awesome!

  13. Emma Frost says:

    Y’all, this lady is amazing with a camera!

  14. Morgan says:

    I’m so glad that you give girls a chance to be able to purchase even if they cannot afford full payments. I know I definitely wouldn’t be able to get the wonderful products with out the payment plan!

  15. Brittany Zimmerman says:

    Reading this blog has really made me think that I need to make the next step and become a peach.

  16. samantha says:

    100% transparency…… I cannot explain the feeling you get when you see your photos for the first time. You are empowered in a way you cant explain until you are in that seat.

  17. Jess says:

    Love this idea! How far out can you book?

    • Clara says:

      Hey Jess! So typically I book out as far as 6-9 months in advance. I’ll be releasing all of the 2019 dates VERY soon!!!! **hint hint…be on the lookout for my Peach Friday sale!**

  18. Maegan says:

    Oh. I’m happy i read this. Gonna start planning something soon. 🙂

  19. Molly says:

    I cannot wait to be a peach!! I will be one day! I can’t find anyone who takes the high-quality pictures and all the poses, like Clara does! I love it!

  20. Shelby Courtney says:

    Good to know information. Thanks for explaining it!

  21. Samantha says:

    I may have to start looking at this!

  22. Lisa Marie Petrone says:

    I used PayPal credit because like Clara said it’s great! I can also really see the advantage of this added bonus while planning your wedding too!! They kind of go hand n hand don’t cha think? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. Alexandria says:

    Such a great idea!!!

  24. Megan Eaton says:

    Glad to know the options! Now to just get out of this baby body!

  25. Breanna Miller says:

    Love that you take into consideration everyone’s finance situations and how to better serve them. I did not know about the PayPal credit, that is an insanely good deal, thanks for providing resources as well 🤗


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