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One of the biggest issues women have is privacy. I am SO wildly obsessed and proud of Clara’s Peaches. That little Facebook group has moved mountains y’all. That being said, I can definitely see where newcomers feel that their photos HAVE to go into the group. That they HAVE to be on the internet.

Three years ago I decided to give Boudoir photography a go. To photograph a session to see if it was a genre I was interested in. To say I was nervous is an understatement. A boudoir session is SO intimate. I mean, you’re basically meeting a stranger, having them take their clothes off, and then shoving a camera in their face. Sounds crazy right?!? As I do with everything else, I researched endlessly. Trying to soak up any information I could. Posing, lighting, keeping everyone comfortable. What was once a very intimidating genre of photography is now where I feel most at home. So I have a pretty big announcement. Which isn’t an announcement to some. But here goes… 2018 is my official last year of shooting weddings. I am now a full-time, full-service Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer! Clara Ann Photography is now Be A Peach Boudoir.

The list of excuses that I get from women is a long one. There are ALL kinds of worries. Responding to so many emails gets exhausting. Especially when so many of the concerns are the same! So I figured a blog post was in order. Each of these excuses are thrown at me constantly! To be honest, most Peaches have experienced at least ONE of these thoughts. But they overcame and pushed the boundaries. I’ve yet to photograph one single girl who regretted doing so. Let’s take a look at the Top 4 Things Holding You Back from becoming a Peach!

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