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From CAP to BAP – Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer | Personal

From CAP to BAP – Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer | Personal


January 25, 2018

San Diego Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach Boudoir

From CAP to BAP – Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

Three years ago I decided to give Boudoir photography a go. To photograph a session to see if it was a genre I was interested in. To say I was nervous is an understatement. A boudoir session is SO intimate. I mean, you’re basically meeting a stranger, having them take their clothes off, and then shoving a camera in their face. Sounds crazy right?!? As I do with everything else, I researched endlessly. Trying to soak up any information I could. Posing, lighting, keeping everyone comfortable. What was once a very intimidating genre of photography is now where I feel most at home. So I have a pretty big announcement. Which isn’t an announcement to some. But here goes… 2018 is my official last year of shooting weddings. I am now a full-time, full-service Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer! Clara Ann Photography is now Be A Peach Boudoir.

Be A Peach Boudoir

It makes me nervous to even type that. For SO long my heart has been completely committed to being a wedding photographer. Entering the boudoir world, things started to get pretty split. Two years ago I created a little Facebook group called Clara’s Peaches. Today that little group has nearly 8,500 women in it. The sense of camaraderie in that group is unreal. As silly as this sounds, it’s more of a sisterhood at this point. Shit. Sorry for getting all up in my feels. See that? The scary S word? I can be myself in Clara’s Peaches. Something that is nearly unheard of in the wedding industry. But being a Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer means I get to make the rules. And lets be real, other than zero negativity, there aren’t many.

Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach Boudoir

I’ll forever be grateful to every couple that chose me to be a part of their wedding day. Paving the way for me to enter the photography world. As I scroll social media, I know I’ll miss all of the moments. The dress, the florals, the first looks, the perfect vows. And the sunset portraits. Ohhhh the sunset portraits…I think I’ll miss you most. I still have a few weddings left to shoot this year, so I’ll definitely be soaking in EVERY minute of each one.

Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach Boudoir

There are several reasons as to why I’ve decided to leave the wedding industry. Business-wise, I have been burning the candle at both ends and the damn middle for all of 2017. Something had to go. Right now I’m just so passionate about each and every boudoir session, I knew the decision I had to make. We have so much fun as each girl becomes a Peach. From hair and makeup to shooting time, I can be myself around everyone. We are laughing (or at least each girl is laughing at ME while I show every pose) from beginning to end.

Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach Boudoir

On a personal note…I am definitely glad to have my Saturday’s back. Taking Carson to 3+ softball practices a week just to miss the games on Saturday was getting VERY old. I hated that I wasn’t there. I was hesitant in this decision. But when we got the schedule for softball, I added the dates to my calendar. I’m only missing ONE day of games this season. The feeling of relief was insane! Further confirmation that this choice is a good one. I know Chandlers weekend activities are right around the corner too. Open weekend calendars are a MUST!

Enough rambling….

What does all of this mean?

2018 will be my last year as a wedding photographer.

Be A Peach Boudoir is thriving and I am already booking into August!

Being able to put more focus directly into being a Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer means some exciting new things are coming.

Just as I did with weddings, I’ll be continuing my education with boudoir.

New poses, lighting techniques, creating various looks in my home studio…always looking for new & exciting!

I attended a Boudoir workshop in 2016 and walked away overloaded with ideas. So in August of this year I’ll be attending another workshop in Chicago. I can’t wait to meet some fellow Boudie photogs and learn ALL the things.

Lastly, I want to thank each and every Bride & Groom that chose me over the years. While this is a bittersweet announcement to make, this is a dream that I am so excited about following. I’ve already received some texts and messages of disappointment. Sad that I’m not shooting weddings anymore. But in the same message getting praises and excitement of this new journey. You know….because CAP couples really are the best!
Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer | Be A Peach Boudoir

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